Hellcat Ported Snout X-Treme bearing plate package

Hellcat Ported Snout X-Treme bearing plate package

- SDG's proprietary 5 axis CNC design opens the inlet to  105mm to avoid breaking through the wall. The smallest cross section on our snouts is 105mm, which the 105mm TBs will love.


- Every snout coupler is pinned at no extra cost.  Currently, we are the only company providing this. 


- We don't cover stuff up to give the appearance it’s been fully ported. Everything that needs to be ported was. Less machine time is less cost for customer and less wear and tear on our equipment for something that isn't necessary.


- Comes with upgraded bearings. We do not offer a cheaper alternative, as we believe if you are sending us your snout, you want maximum performance, and we will not put our name on something that is subpar.


- Please remove all bolted on hardware, this includes aftermarket pulleys. 


-Using the latest in CAD technology, SDG  Motorsports is proud to introduce our high flow billet bearing plate. Our proprietary CNC programming manufactures this bearing plate out of 6061 billet aluminum with a superior design over stock. The result is a bearing plate that far outperforms your stock piece by reducing mass, increasing the strength, and flowing more air!


- No more ripped gaskets. No chance of gasket creep. No gaskets period! SDG took some notes from the Demon (2.7) platform. We figured out the stack up tolerances and eliminated that expensive gasket, that many times gets damaged. Our billet hellcat bearing plate only needs anaerobicsealant between the snout and bearing plate just like its bigger brother.

-Material was removed from the feed areas to net 40% less material in the air path. 


-SDGs billet snout, stock snout port program and the billet bearing plate were designed to work together, to maximize efficiency.

-Because the removal and installation process is VERY tedious, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that our billet bearing plate be installed by SDG Motorsports. We include upgraded bearings and an oil change with our proprietary oil for no additional cost!!

  • Return & Refund Policy

    - There is no warranty on performance parts. Modify at your own risk.


    - $600 core is automatically added to the cost if you want a ported core in stock. It will be refunded upon delivery of a snout that is in workable condition.


    - If core has any silicone, glue, foam residue, or any other foreign bodies  from blankets, cleaning time will be deducted from the core refund price.  Charge is $70/hr.


    -Core must be received within 10 days or core charge is forfeited. Proof of shipping within 10 days will be accepted. Make sure your item is insured for the full amount. We are not responsible for lost packages.


    - If you opt to use your own there is no core charge. If your snout is not in workable condition it will be returned to the customer at their cost.

  • Shipping

    Protect your investment.  We recommend you purchase ($125) engineered packaging to ship your SC safely.  We can arrange this for you. 

    Please be sure to insure your package accordingly.  We are not responsible for shipping damages.

    Remove the lid, all sensors,  fuel rail,  injectors, water manifold and snout prior to shipping.  Any hardware left behind will be charged at a rate of $100/hr minimum to remove.   

    Please print and include your receipt in the box. 

  • Lead times

    Depending on work flow, and machine availability, lead times may vary from 5-15 days. Typically we are at a 5 day turnaround or less.

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