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SDG: Hellephant Killer Snout

SDG: Hellephant Killer Snout

  • Large inlet: The SDG Hellephant Killer Snout features a 109mm straight-through inlet with no tapering, providing enhanced airflow.


  • Compatibility: Designed with the Nick Williams 108 throttle body in mind, it ensures optimal performance when paired together.


  • Improved airflow: The short turn is practically eliminated, resulting in a substantial increase in flow compared to stock ported snouts.


  • Maximum efficiency: The Hellephant Killer Snout is designed to work in conjunction with the SDG X-treme Billet Bearing Plate for the best possible performance.


  • Upgraded bearings: The snout includes upgraded bearings for enhanced durability and smoother operation.


  • Secure construction: The coupler bearing is properly staked, and the coupler is pinned to prevent spinning on the shaft and to assist in pulley removal.

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