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SDG: X-treme Billet bearing plate

SDG: X-treme Billet bearing plate

Utilizes CAD technology and CNC programming to manufacture a high-flow billet bearing plate made from 6061 billet aluminum.


Offers a superior design over stock bearing plates, with reduced mass, increased strength, and improved air flow.


Eliminates the need for gaskets, reducing the risk of damage and simplifying the installation process. Instead, anaerobic sealant is used between the snout and bearing plate.


Removes 40% of material in the air path for better flow.


Designed to work in conjunction with SDG's Hellephant Killer Snout and stock snout port program for maximum efficiency.


Highly recommended to be installed by SDG Motorsports, which includes upgraded bearings, an oil change with proprietary oil, and new bushings, at no additional cost.


Comes with engineered packaging for shipping your supercharger safely.


    As always performance mods are use at your own risk. 


    Protect your investment.  We recommend you purchase ($55) engineered packaging to ship your SC safely.  We can arrange this for you. 

    Please be sure to insure your package accordingly.  We are not responsible for shipping damages.

    Remove the lid, all sensors,  fuel rail,  injectors, water manifold and snout prior to shipping.  Any hardware left behind will be charged at a rate of $100/hr minimum to remove.   

    Please print and include your receipt in the box. 


    Lead times are 5-10 business days on bearing plates. 

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