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SDG: X-treme Hellephant Killer Combo

SDG: X-treme Hellephant Killer Combo

  • SDG Hellephant Killer Snout: Featuring a 109mm straight-through inlet, compatibility with the Nick Williams 108 throttle body, improved airflow, and upgraded bearings.


  • SDG X-treme Billet Bearing Plate: Manufactured using advanced CAD technology and CNC programming, this high-flow billet bearing plate is made from 6061 billet aluminum, offering a superior design with reduced mass, increased strength, and improved airflow. It also features a gasket-free design.


  • Installation: SDG Motorsports will properly install the X-treme Billet Bearing Plate on your supercharger as part of this package.


  • Engineered Packaging: Shipping your supercharger to SDG Motorsports is made easy, as the package includes engineered packaging to ensure the safe transport of your supercharger.


The SDG X-treme Hellephant Killer Combo is an excellent package for customers looking to optimize the performance of their IHI supercharged vehicles by combining the benefits of both the Hellephant Killer Snout and the X-treme Billet Bearing Plate. The inclusion of professional installation and engineered packaging for shipping the supercharger adds convenience and peace of mind for customers.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    - There is no warranty on performance parts. Modify at your own risk.


    -Please remove all bolted on hardware, this includes aftermarket pulleys.


    - $600 core is automatically added to the cost if you want a ported core in stock. It will be refunded upon delivery of a snout that is in workable condition.


    - If core has any silicone, glue, foam residue, or any other foreign bodies  from blankets, cleaning time will be deducted from the core refund price.  Charge is $70/hr.


    -Core must be received within 10 days or core charge is forfeited. Proof of shipping within 10 days will be accepted. Make sure your item is insured for the full amount. We are not responsible for lost packages.


    - If you opt to use your own there is no core charge. If your snout is not in workable condition it will be returned to the customer at their cost.

  • Shipping

    Protect your investment.  We recommend you purchase ($125) engineered packaging to ship your SC safely.  We can arrange this for you. 

    Please be sure to insure your package accordingly.  We are not responsible for shipping damages.

    Remove the lid, all sensors,  fuel rail,  injectors, water manifold and snout prior to shipping.  Any hardware left behind will be charged at a rate of $100/hr minimum to remove.   

    Please print and include your receipt in the box. 

  • Lead times

    Depending on work flow, and machine availability, lead times may vary from 5-15 days. Typically we are at a 5 day turnaround or less.

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