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SDG Motorsports LLC

SDG Motorsports LLC is dedicated to offering customers the best selection of supercharger components and upgrades tailored for Hellcat, Demon, Trackhawk, and Redeye vehicles, along with exceptional customer service. The knowledgeable staff at SDG Motorsports works closely with customers to identify their unique build requirements and ensure they purchase only the necessary components for their vehicles. Committed to providing accurate information and guidance, SDG Motorsports aims to create a personalized experience for each customer to help them achieve their performance goals.

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Our Superchargers and Custom-Built Components Have 100% Success Rates with Redeye, Hellcat, Trackhawk, and Demons!

SDG - Industry Leading Parts for Trackhawks, Demons, Hellcats, and Redeyes

SDG Motorsports is a Wisconsin-based company with over 5 years of industry experience and a 100% success rate. The company specializes in modifying superchargers for high power gains and has developed innovative performance parts for the Hellcat platform. SDG stands out from its competitors by offering a comprehensive range of services, including fixing issues that other companies may struggle with.

SDG is proud to manufacture all of its parts in the USA, ensuring top-quality products. The company's expertise in servicing the complete supercharger makes it the perfect choice for customers seeking reliable and high-performance solutions for their supercharger needs.

Contact us today at: (808) 435-5228

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