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Customer Spotlight: Charles Eklund's Record-Breaking Dodge Charger Hellcat

In this week's customer spotlight, we feature Charles Eklund from Weimar, TX, who has taken his 2018 Dodge Charger Hellcat to new heights of performance. As a High-Performance Consultant at Hennessey Performance, Charles knows what it takes to create a powerful, reliable, and head-turning machine. Let's dive into the details of his incredible build.

Vehicle Specifications:

  • Make and Model: 2018 Dodge Charger Hellcat

  • Color: Destroyer Grey

Powerful Performance Upgrades:

  • Demon Performance/TKM 400ci Stroker

  • Thitek Bear Heads

  • Cammotion Custom Cam

  • 2.7L Demon Blower

  • SDG Hellephant Snout

  • SDG Billet Bearing Plate

  • SDG Ceramic Bearings

  • Stage 2 Interchiller

  • BMR Expansion Tank

  • Legmaker Intake

  • FORE Triple Pumps

  • ID1700 Injectors

  • American Racing Headers (ARH) 2" Ceramic Coated Headers

  • ARH Catless Midpipes

  • GHF Transmission

  • Suncoast Converter

Handling and Suspension Upgrades:

  • AAD Drag Pack

  • HHP Sway Bar Links

  • HHP Drag Springs

Wheels and Tires:

  • 17x11 Weld S76 Beadlocks

  • 315/50/17 Mickey Thompson Tires

Impressive Performance Stats:

  • 30k+ miles at over 1000whp

  • 10k miles over 1100whp

  • Sub 5-second 60-130mph

  • 181mph in 1/2 mile

  • 208mph in full mile at the Texas Mile event (Fastest sedan in both 1/2 and mile categories)

Customer Testimonial: Charles praises SDG Motorsports for their extensive research, time, and development that shows in the quality of work. He appreciates the immediate solutions provided by SDG for any questions or issues. The Hellephant Killer Snout's distinctive sound has been a head-turner everywhere he goes. Charles recommends SDG Motorsports to everyone in the Hellcat market.

Advice from Charles: Always remember that there will be someone faster out there. A stock Hellcat is already faster than 95% of the cars on the road. Enjoy the car in different stages and don't chase a number on the internet.

Charles Eklund's Dodge Charger Hellcat is an outstanding example of how SDG Motorsports products and services can transform a vehicle into a record-breaking machine. We are proud to be a part of Charles' journey and look forward to featuring more customer spotlights in the future.

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