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Team Corruptt Triumphs with a Boost from SDG's Arsenal

MotorTrend's Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge, a hallmark in the world of motorsports, never ceases to intrigue automobile enthusiasts. This year's Direct Connection Grudge Race was no exception. The fresh format, pairing seasoned drag racers with influencers outside the drag racing domain, was a compelling mix of experience and raw talent.

In the midst of all this, Team Corruptt, comprising Tony Arme and rookie Kayla Rundle, emerged as a team to watch. Their vehicle of choice? A 1969 Plymouth Barracuda. But this wasn't just any Barracuda. With a little nudge from SDG's Xtreme Hellephant Killer Trifecta Package, the vehicle demonstrated performance that was a cut above the rest.

With Dodge supporting each racer with a Direct Connection Hellcrate Redeye 6.2-liter Supercharged Crate Hemi engine and an additional $15,000, the teams were off to a good start. A plethora of aftermarket companies were also at their disposal for assistance. Yet, what nudged Team Corruptt's Barracuda a notch higher was the subtle integration of SDG's performance package.

The journey of each team, documented and shared on social media, added to the overall excitement of the competition. Especially notable was the dynamic between Arme's expertise, Rundle's fresh energy, and the Barracuda's upgraded capabilities.

With six teams and their respective vehicles revving to go, the competition was nothing short of intense. Through chip-draws and callout methods, drivers were pitted against each other in a series of eliminations. But when the dust settled, it was Team Corruptt's Barracuda that stood out.

Rundle showcased her prowess during the nail-biting finale, navigating the Barracuda to victory.

While expertise and tactics are paramount in motorsports, the right technological edge can significantly tilt the scales. Team Corruptt's success is a testament to this, blending skill, strategy, and a touch of enhanced performance.

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Love It 💪💪💪

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