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Customer Spotlight: Christopher Torres and His Impressive Jeep Trackhawk

This week's customer spotlight shines on Christopher Torres from Portland, Oregon, and his exceptional 2018 Jeep Trackhawk. With a passion for performance and a love for speed, Christopher has transformed his Jeep into a force to be reckoned with on the racetrack.

At first glance, the Rhino Gray Trackhawk stands out with its sleek design and aggressive stance. But it's under the hood where the real magic happens. Christopher's Jeep features a stock motor, a Fore fuel system, and the SDG X-treme Hellephant Killer Trifecta Package. This powerful combination propels the Trackhawk to reach incredible speeds.

The exhaust system includes a titanium GT

Haus and Kooks long tubes, providing the Jeep with an unmistakable, throaty roar. Ensuring stability and control on the track, Christopher has equipped the Trackhawk with a Bwoody suspension and Gforce axles. For optimized stopping power and reduced weight, the Jeep sports lightweight Demon Performance rotors.

Completing the racing setup, the Trackhawk sits on a Weld Racing S76 drag set, helping Christopher achieve a remarkable 9.88-second quarter-mile at 139 MPH and a 1.401-second 60-foot time.

Christopher has nothing but praise for SDG, crediting their top-tier performance and customer service for the Trackhawk's outstanding results. With over 10,000 miles and hundreds of passes in the last two years, the supercharger built by SDG has proven its durability and reliability. Christopher appreciates Jesse's responsiveness and commitment to making sure his customers can make it to the track, rating his experience with SDG a solid 10/10.

As this week's customer spotlight, Christopher Torres and his 2018 Jeep Trackhawk showcase the potential of combining passion, performance, and excellent customer service to achieve exceptional results on the racetrack.

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