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SDG Motorsports: Your Go-to Expert for Supercharger Performance and Upgrades

If you own a Hellcat, Demon, Trackhawk, or Redeye vehicle, you understand the importance of having high-quality supercharger components to achieve the best performance. SDG Motorsports LLC is the ultimate destination for all your supercharger needs, with a 100% success rate and a wide selection of custom-built components. In this blog post, we will explore what sets SDG Motorsports apart and answer some common questions about the company and its offerings.

Why Choose SDG Motorsports?

Industry Experience: With over 5 years of experience in the supercharger industry, SDG Motorsports has consistently delivered exceptional results for its customers.

100% Success Rate: The company takes pride in its perfect success rate with Redeye, Hellcat, Trackhawk, and Demon platforms.

Made in the USA: All SDG Motorsports products are manufactured in the United States, ensuring top-quality components for your vehicle.

Comprehensive Services: SDG Motorsports not only modifies superchargers for high power gains but also manufactures and services the complete supercharger.

What Sets SDG Motorsports Apart from the Competition?

Innovative Performance Parts: SDG Motorsports was the first and only company to develop performance parts like the Hellephant Killer Snout and X-treme Billet Bearing Plate for the Hellcat platform.

Expertise in Supercharger Servicing: The team at SDG Motorsports can fix almost all issues related to superchargers, including those that other companies may struggle with.

Customer-Centric Approach: SDG Motorsports' staff works closely with customers to identify their unique build requirements and provide informed recommendations on the necessary components for their vehicles.

What Can You Expect from SDG Motorsports' Products?

Improved Performance: SDG Motorsports' components are designed to optimize the performance of your IHI supercharged vehicles, resulting in increased horsepower and efficiency.

Enhanced Durability: The company's products, such as the upgraded bearings featured in the Hellephant Killer Snout, ensure longer-lasting and smoother operation.

Expert Installation: SDG Motorsports offers professional installation for its components, guaranteeing a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Some Popular SDG Motorsports Products:

SDG Hellephant Killer Snout

SDG X-treme Billet Bearing Plate

SDG X-treme Hellephant Killer Combo

SDG IHI Lid Spacer

SDG Hellcat/Demon Oil Kit

SDG Motorsports LLC is the go-to expert for supercharger performance and upgrades for Hellcat, Demon, Trackhawk, and Redeye vehicles. With a 100% success rate, exceptional customer service, and innovative products, you can trust SDG Motorsports to deliver the best results for your high-performance vehicle. Contact the SDG Motorsports team today to discuss your build requirements and explore their wide range of offerings.

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