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The Ultimate Supercharger Upgrade: SDG's Hellephant Killer Snout

SDG Motorsports offers an innovative solution for those seeking to optimize their supercharged vehicle's performance: the Hellephant Killer Snout. This product offers numerous advantages over factory ported snouts, addressing several common issues, and delivering superior performance. In this post, we will explore the features that make the Hellephant Killer Snout a top choice for anyone looking to take their supercharger to the next level.

What Makes the Hellephant Killer Snout Better Than a Factory Ported Snout?

1. Larger Internal Size: The Hellephant Killer Snout features a larger internal size as-cast than any factory snout can be ported. Its dimensions are so much larger that a stock snout could almost fit inside it.

2. True 108mm Throttle Body Inlet: The Hellephant Killer Snout has a true 108mm throttle body inlet with no taper, unlike factory snouts that taper down before opening up again. This design maximizes the benefits of a 108mm throttle body.

3. No Welding: Unlike some shops that weld their snouts to gain material, the Hellephant Killer Snout is not welded. Welding castings incorrectly can lead to cracking and unmetered air entering the system, causing idling issues and other problems.

4. CNC Porting Benefits: When CNC porting factory OEM snouts, certain components like the TMAP boss and screw bosses may be removed, increasing the chance of unmetered air entering the system. The Hellephant Killer Snout avoids these issues by not requiring porting.

5. Properly Staked Coupler Bearing: The Hellephant Killer Snout features a properly staked coupler bearing, a detail often overlooked by other aftermarket providers.

6. Pinned Coupler: The coupler is pinned to the shaft, preventing the bolt from loosening when changing pulleys and reducing the risk of damaging the shaft and coupler or causing catastrophic failure.

7. No Porting Required: The Hellephant Killer Snout doesn't require porting, eliminating concerns about core shift, welding, thin spots, or blowing through the casting during the porting process.

The Hellephant Killer Snout from SDG Motorsports is a game-changing upgrade for supercharged vehicles, offering numerous advantages over factory ported snouts. With its innovative design and attention to detail, the Hellephant Killer Snout resolves common issues and provides superior performance. For anyone looking to maximize their supercharger's potential, the Hellephant Killer Snout is the ultimate solution.

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