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Why SDG's X-Treme Bearing Plate Outperforms Ported Factory Cast Bearing Plates

When it comes to upgrading your supercharger, choosing the right bearing plate is essential for optimal performance and longevity. In this article, we'll explore why SDG Motorsports' X-Treme Bearing Plate made from 6061 aluminum outshines ported factory cast (A356) bearing plates, and why ceramic or "race bearings" aren't always necessary for long-lasting performance.

Superior Material: 6061 Aluminum vs. A356 Cast Aluminum

One of the primary reasons SDG's X-Treme Bearing Plate outperforms ported factory cast bearing plates is the material used in its construction. The X-Treme Bearing Plate is made from 6061 aluminum, which offers several advantages over A356 cast aluminum:

  1. Strength: 6061 aluminum is a stronger material than A356 cast aluminum, providing improved durability and resistance to wear and tear.

  2. Precision: 6061 aluminum allows for tighter tolerances and superior machining capabilities, resulting in a higher quality product.

  3. Heat Dissipation: 6061 aluminum has better heat dissipation properties, helping to keep the bearing plate cooler and prolonging its lifespan.

Micron-Level Tolerances and Precision Equipment

SDG Motorsports prides itself on holding tolerances to microns when machining the X-Treme Bearing Plate. By investing in precision equipment for machining and measuring, SDG ensures that their bearing plates meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

This level of precision guarantees a perfect fit and function for your supercharger, optimizing airflow and efficiency while minimizing the risk of premature wear or failure.

High-Quality Bearings: The Truth About Ceramic and Race Bearings

While some shops may tout the benefits of ceramic or "race bearings," SDG Motorsports believes that high-quality bearings are more than sufficient for longevity and performance in most applications. Ceramic bearings can be costly and may not provide a significant advantage over standard high-quality bearings.

SDG's focus on using top-quality bearings in their X-Treme Bearing Plate ensures smooth operation and long-lasting performance without the need for ceramic or race bearings.

In Conclusion

SDG Motorsports' X-Treme Bearing Plate offers a superior alternative to ported factory cast bearing plates. With its 6061 aluminum construction, micron-level tolerances, and high-quality bearings, this bearing plate provides unbeatable performance, durability, and longevity for your supercharger upgrade.

Upgrade your supercharger with confidence by choosing the X-Treme Bearing Plate from SDG Motorsports and experience the difference in quality and performance.

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